Executive MBA

For those already in a career but wishing to pursue promotion or speed up progression through the ranks, today’s executive MBA programs could prove ideal. These programs are especially designed for executives, enabling them to add to their experience and work-related knowledge a valuable qualification that shows they have the skills and knowledge to progress and work with competence and confidence in this area. These executive MBA programs enable students to put existing executive experience to good use by channelling them into study to effectively further their careers and improve promotional prospects.

Executive MBA programs are available from a number of institutions, and are offered on a schedule that enables executives to continue with their careers without disruption and fit the studying in with their current jobs. You will learn all of the same skills and enjoy the same knowledge with executive MBA programs as you would with full time, part time, or online MBA programs; however, these courses also take into account that the executives on the programs will have some sort of prior experience and skill in the area.

You may develop new skills as well as enhance existing ones as a part of these executive MBA programs. Some of the skills you may learn and enhance would include marketing, management, operations, and finance – all of which may provide you with valuable skills and knowledge.

Leadership, problem solving, technology, decision making, and plan implementation are additional skills that executives can develop and enhance on these executive MBA programs, again all valuable skills in the area of business administration. You should ensure that you check the criteria and course structure of any executive MBA programs that you are considering, as this will help you to make a more informed choice about the program for which you apply.

MBA Program Choices

Types of MBA Programs:

Online MBA Programs
Part-Time MBA Programs
Full-Time MBA - One Year
Full-Time MBA - Two Year

MBA Specializations:

Accounting MBA
Computer Systems MBA
Criminal Justice MBA
eBusiness MBA
Entrepreneurship MBA
Finance MBA
Global Management MBA
Health Care Management MBA
Human Resource MBA
International Business MBA
Leadership MBA
Management MBA
Marketing MBA
Operations MBA
Project Management MBA
Technology Management MBA

Executive MBA Schools

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